First Things First (I like this expression, so amusingly meaningless). Yes, AToM is in the Windows Store for quite some time already. I just didn’t have the time to write anything about it yet. Haven’t heard of AToM? Well that’s a shame. But don’t worry your life doesn’t have to stay as miserable as it is right now*. Click here to learn more about AToM! Anyway note the 15.08.2014  in your calendar as the birthday of the app that helps you living your life to the fullest. And yes I’m just writing this so I won’t forget it myself 😉 * That’s obviously a joke. I’mRead More →

A little update. I’m working on a new homepage with a slightly more modern look. Apart from that I’m still working on AToM. Since the next version is going to be version number 2.0 I do have a lot of features on my list that I’d like to have implemented. It’s basically a complete rework. Thus it sadly is incompatible to the previous Windows 10 beta version which means existing playlists can not be imported and AToM has to search for music again. This shouldn’t be too much of a problem because AToM is searching pretty quickly and fully operable during the search.Read More →

It’s a few weeks in 2015. Which means new year, new WordPress Theme and finally a big Update for AToM. I’m trying to finish it this week but since it’s a pretty big update (spoiler alert: interactive help incoming) it might take until next week. Update: Update is almost finished. Requires some more testing though. Sorry for the delay but I’m almost certain that the update will hit the store this week.Read More →

Update 1.4.2: Adds an optional Save Mode where a custom random time is waited between each step of sending out a sworn sword (Sending out one sworn sword is around 3-4 steps) If you want to change the duration or whether the save mode should be on or not, navigate to the folder where Chrome stores extensions (the path on a Windows machine: “%APPDATA%/Local/Google/Chrome/User Data/Default/Extensions/{ID}/{version}/” You can find the ID of the extension at chrome://extensions. The store version’s ID is: lhboojbdjddolappgccideokjmgnejll) Open swornswords.js and change the values to whatever you want. It should be obvious there which variables to change. Change USE_LOCALSTORAGE_WAITING to false if youRead More →

One of my current projects (WindowsControl) reached Alpha status. The Alpha is open so everyone who wants to can check it out. Please report all bugs you encounter and give me feedback. But first I’ll tell you a little bit about it: WindowsControl is meant to be a tool which interpretes controller input to make it possible to control your Windows PC solely with a controller without the need of a mouse and keyboard. This could come in handy if your PC is connected with your TV and you wanna sit on the couch and watch series or play games without standing up every timeRead More →