Update 1.4.2: Adds an optional Save Mode where a custom random time is waited between each step of sending out a sworn sword (Sending out one sworn sword is around 3-4 steps) If you want to change the duration or whether the save mode should be on or not, navigate to the folder where Chrome stores extensions (the path on a Windows machine: “%APPDATA%/Local/Google/Chrome/User Data/Default/Extensions/{ID}/{version}/” You can find the ID of the extension at chrome://extensions. The store version’s ID is: lhboojbdjddolappgccideokjmgnejll) Open swornswords.js and change the values to whatever you want. It should be obvious there which variables to change. Change USE_LOCALSTORAGE_WAITING to false if youRead More →

v1.3 of the Omnisword Extension is now available. v1.1+ should automatically update but that could take a while. If you want to update yourself visit chrome://extensions and click “Update Extensions” Changes: Added functionality for custom adventures. You can now set up custom adventures for each of your sworn swords and send all of their own adventure with just two clicks. Improved design. The Omnisword Extension now looks like a  part of the original Game of Thrones – Ascent game if not even better. But look at it yourself. Fixed: Bug that you could not click on some of the sworn swords in the keepRead More →