Update v1.4

Update v1.4 now available


  • Fixed keep pages (doesn’t jump to page 1 anymore and adds an additional page if required)
  • Added custom adventure selected set and unset buttons
  • Added custom adventure select/deselect all buttons


  1. Don’t know if it’s a timing issue where the command is sent and it moves on too quickly, but of my 101 SS’s sometimes I have to run the Adventure 3 times before nearly all 101 are all on the Adventure. Only sent out 48 of 101 the 1st time, ran it a 2nd time and it sent out another 39, ran it again and still only had 98 out. Just ran the last 3 manually. It’s scattered about. Not a “Everyone on the last X # of pages” thing. Page 3 had one that was missed, page 4, page 7…
    I’m not seeing anything in the Console, but as I’ve said, Omni doesn’t spit out anything there. I’ve never seen anything in there from Omni unless it was a full blown error like a _ rather than a – error.
    I see loads of log stuff in the code, but it never makes its way to the Console. Or am I supposed to be looking somewhere else than the normal for those logs?

    1. Author

      you have 101 command points? wow.
      no the code you see is just a bit debug code used by me.
      it’s enabled by setting the DEBUG variable at the top of the script to true.
      that will create a small black window on the left of the screen that logs ss_ids and a few actions.
      this could help you.

      1. Well, I have 102 SS’s now, with 122 CP’s :) Harder to buy Peerless SS’s now that they filled the SS shop with Gold Purchase Peerless. Nonsense!

        Sweet! Never even noticed that. Was looking all over, thinking there was a log file or something being created. Drove me mad for a day, then I gave up.
        Figures that the very 1st line was what I was looking for :)
        Changed it to true, and like how that looks. Have all 102 out getting some Sacrifices. Soon as they come back, I’ll see how it is in action 😉
        Going to assume if there’s a fail for some reason that it’ll put it in there?

        1. Author

          can’t say that for sure but hopefully the log will help because it logs if it is waiting for a dialog to pop up etc.

          1. heh, of course, this time it worked and all 102 got sent.
            LOOOOOOOADS of “Removing script” & “Injecting script”
            I looked at the Elements of that box just to make sure that I didn’t miss an error, and it displayed 56 of each of those, and then it said:

            Show All Nodes (2654 More)

            WOW…it also ran rather slow with the Debug turned on, but given the 2,710 entries, I can see why :)
            Tho, that means that it loaded/unloaded about 26 times PER SS…
            Don’t know anything about how the code works, much less the injecting part, but isn’t that a bit excessive? :)

          2. Author

            well maybe.
            i added the debugging to the inject function long before I made this way better waiting method and haven’t used it since :)

          3. meh that didn’t help :(

            Nothing in the debugger after starting the Sending processes other than the injecting/removing, and it missed 26 SS’s

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